Ensemble options
Bay Area Strings has extensive repertoire prepared for string quartet, string trio, and violin-cello duet.  The recommended ensemble size for your event depends on the venue, number of guests, budget, and music genre preference.  A string quartet offers the most varied repertoire with a large and complex sound.  A string trio is a great option to save a little cost but still have a full sound with melody, harmony, and bass line.  A duet provides an intimate but sparser sound recommended only for small venues or limited budgets.  If you are having trouble deciding which ensemble would suit your event, we would be happy to discuss the differences in more detail.  You can also hear brief samples of each ensemble playing some wedding favorites here.

Song requests
Special requests are always welcome!  Many of the songs in our repertoire can also be adapted for other ensemble sizes.  If we can't find sheet music for the requested song, we can create a custom arrangement for you.  We pride ourselves on performing high-quality arrangements that sound great and that the musicians also really enjoy playing!

A standard wedding service or the first hour of performance costs $400-700 per musician.  Additional performance time is typically $90 per hour per musician.  These rates vary based on travel costs and ensemble size, as well as the preparation required.  This fee covers all travel costs and set-up time, consultation to select music for the event, music preparation, insurance, and planning to ensure the service goes smoothly from start to finish!  For each performer, the actual time commitment for a 1-hour performance is usually 4-6 hours (or more) due to travel, preparation, and set-up time.  Please contact us for more details and a quote for your specific event needs.

Tipping is always appreciated but never expected.  Private events and private lessons are the only opportunity where musicians get to set our own rates, so we charge what we believe our time, skill, and decades of practice are worth.  We understand that hosting an event can be shockingly expensive, and we greatly appreciate every client that chooses to support local musicians and incorporate live music into their special day!

Outdoor Events
Bay Area Strings performs at outdoor venues frequently, although we do have restrictions on weather conditions in which we can perform.  We require shade to protect our instruments, many of which are over 100 years old.   We can provide a white tent canopy (10'x10') with optional side-walls if the venue does not offer a shaded spot or umbrellas. We cannot perform in high winds or rain (fog drip or a drizzle can be a problem even if we are under umbrellas).  In order to perform to our high standards and to protect our fingers and instruments, we also cannot perform in very cold or hot weather - generally if the conditions are uncomfortable for your guests, a high-quality performance may be challenging or impossible.  Therefore we strongly recommend thoroughly planning for an indoor alternative in case of temperatures below about 65 degrees or above about 85 degrees.  Heat lamps may help keep our fingers moving in the evening or in temperatures below 60 degrees.

We carry general liability insurance that covers all our performances. This is required by San Francisco City Hall and many other venues.